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Brown's Courtroom, Friday 2nd May, 4pm

IVA.co.uk are pleased to announce that the next Debt Debate will be held at Brown’s Courtrooms Covent Garden on Friday 2nd May at 4pm.

The topic of this Debt Debate is very exciting and will be a much discussed subject as we are pitching IVA’s up against Bankruptcy...who will be the winner?!?

During the course of the Debate we will be highlighting the key issues surrounding both solutions, discussing the pros and cons of both and posing questions about how both solutions are portrayed in the media.

Due to the success of the latest Debt Debate on Monday 4th of February 2008, we anrticipate the next debate to be as popular as ever and we are promising the subject to be particularly interesting.

Click here to register your interest and book a seat for the debate

  > Previous debt event

Brown's Courtroom, Covent Garden, 4th Februrary, 5pm

IVA.co.uk’s latest Debt Debate was another great success, attended by an audience of about 100 Insolvency Practitioners, Creditors, Journalist, Industry Experts and Members of the General Public.

This debate began with an Introduction by Andy Davie, Spokesperson for IVA.co.uk, followed by James Bellini setting the tone for the evening’s debate and the topic at hand Miss Selling of Personal Debt Solutions within the Industry.
The debt debate was sponso red by
Tuxedo Prepaid Cards

Click here for more information and video footage of the Event

Brown's Courtroom, Covent Garden, 24th Oct, 3.30–6pm
IVA.co.uk’s latest Debt Debate was a great success. Focusing on Debt Education, the expert panel engaged in a lively debate on the key debt industry issues. The event was attended by over a hundred Insolvency Practitioners, creditors, journalists, industry experts and members of the public.
 The event was held on the 24th October, 3.30pm - 6pm at Browns Courtrooms in Covent Garden, London. Details will be coming soon about our next big event, due to be held in February.

The debt debate was sponsored by
Tuxedo Pre Paid cards

Click here for more information and video footage of the event

Brown's Courtroom, Covent Garden, 1st August 2007
The debate focused on the growing credit culture in the UK, with credit now easier to obtain than ever before and personal debt levels at record levels. It also discussed new developments in the insolvency industry, including the proposed SIVA (Simple IVA).
There was an hour long debate, with lively discussion from the audience.

Click here for details, photos, footage and a transcript of the event
Watch the footage on IVA TV

Debt Debate organised by IVA.co.uk on 02/05/07
With a panel including expert IP Melanie Giles and site manager Andy Davie, this lively debate discussed the contemporary climate of debt management, at the pros and cons of IVAs as a debt solution for consumers.

Click here to find out more about the debt evening

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